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Paranormal Coffee

Clairvoyant - Medium Roast Coffee

Clairvoyant - Medium Roast Coffee

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Unlock the secrets of the unknown with Clairvoyant Medium Roast Coffee. Our unique blend of hand-picked beans, ethically sourced from small farms around the world, is expertly roasted to a temperature that will awaken your senses and stimulate your imagination. Each sip is a journey into the unknown, evoking feelings of mystery and intrigue.
The medium brown color of the beans, the result of a perfect balance between light and dark roast, is a reflection of the balance you'll find in the flavor profile. The nutty and sweet aroma, like the whispers of a ghost, will draw you in for more. As you take a sip, the smooth and well-rounded taste with notes of caramel, and coco will transport you to another dimension.
With every cup, you'll feel like you're unraveling the secrets of the paranormal world. Perfect for the early morning or late night, our coffee will keep you on the edge of your seat. Order online or visit our coffee shop to taste the difference for yourself. Start your day off with a cup of the paranormal and see where it takes you.
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