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Paranormal Coffee

Seance - Decaf Coffee

Seance - Decaf Coffee

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Summon the coffee, not the caffeine

Descend into the dark, bold mysteries of Seance - our rich, smoky dark roast decaf espresso blend. Without the caffeine interference, surrender your senses to mouth-filling flavors of creamy bittersweet chocolate, toasted walnut and hints of black licorice. The deep, mysterious aroma will draw you under its spell.

Seance proves you don't need the caffeine jitters to conjure the perfect decaf, bold enough for sipping straight up or velvety steamed milk drinks like a luscious latte. Embrace the bold yet balanced taste that lingers with each warming sip. Summon the coffee, not the caffeine, and immerse yourself in Seance's hypnotic flavors day or night, without interrupting your sleep.

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